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You can see most of our products & prices at
We stock many of Sunlight Supply's Products, and we can special order any items not in stock.


We now offer convenient after hours shopping for major purchases by appointment only. Call us during normal hours at 816-241-2122 to schedule your after hours shopping experience!

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You can see our products & prices at

We Only Carry Big Brand Name Quality Lighting

Sunlight Supply has been manufacturing HID lights for over 15 years!

Sunlight Supply's Sun Systems are the #1 BRAND of HID lighting in the USA!!

QUALITY, All of the remote ballasts we carry have Aluminum enclosures and high temperature capacitors

Aluminum enclosures let heat escape from inside the ballast.

Come visit our retail store located in Independence Missouri for all of your hydroponic supplies and equipment. We carry a large selection of Sunlight Supply

Our goal is to have as much product in stock as possible but any items that are not in stock we can order in from any of the above suppliers. Typically items that are not in stock, we require either payment in advance by credit card or 50% down if paying by cash.

Our Products & Our Prices

You can see most of our products & prices at
We stock many of Sunlight Supply's Products, and we can special order any items not in stock.

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What is Hydroponics & HID Lighting?

Did you know that you can grow your own vegetables, flowers and herbs all year round indoors under High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting? High Intensity Discharge lighting, HID, such as metal halide, MH, high pressure sodium, HPS, or the new T5 high output fluorescent lighting all make it possible to grow even flowering plants indoors with no additional light from outside sources!

Why does Hydroponics produce such fantastic results?

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is simply the growing of plants without soil. Instead, plants are grown in an inert medium (or none at all) and an oxygenated, balanced nutrient solution is delivered to a their root systems. That's it!

Why does Hydroponics produce such fantastic results?

By giving a plant the exact nutrients it needs we accomplish several things:

#1 We give it a perfect diet. In nature this is next to impossible, so when this actually happens, plants GROW & GROW & GROW.

#2 When we GIVE the plant it's food it doesn't have to go out looking for it. HUH?.....Yes, plants actually expend energy looking for food by growing huge root systems. If the plant doesn't have to waste energy looking for food, it puts all of it's effort into the parts above ground. The results are rapid, large healthy growth and massive fruit and flower production.

#3 By necessity, Hydroponic systems are automated. This removes the negative human influence from plant cultivation. Specifically, forgetting to water, or watering too much.

How do I grow my plants hydroponically?

Fortunately, many methods of Hydroponic growing have been invented throughout the years - from painfully simple to slightly complex. All you need to do is select the system that meets your needs.

All plants, whether grown hydroponically or in soil, need 14 basic elements to grow. Most of us are familiar with the top three that are consumed by plants. These elements are called the Macro-Elements and they are Nitrogen Phosphorous and Potassium, they are abbreviated N P K. You probably have seen these letters on bags of common fertilizer.
The other 11 elements are grouped together as the Micro-Elements.

Preformulated Nutrients: This is really the best option for the hobby to small farm Hydroponic grower. You can be assured that all of the necessary nutrients are present and available to the plants. All you have to do is mix a predetermined amount of concentrate with water and add it to your system. If you want to be successful as a first time Hydroponic grower, use a ready made nutrient specifically for hydroponics.
Preformulated Nutrients come in the forms of 1-part powders, 2-part powders, 1-part liquids, 2-part liquids, & 3-part liquids.

Miracle-Gro: Many people insist on trying to use Miracle-Gro plant food as a Hydroponic nutrient. It is true that this is great stuff for soil. Let me stress though, this stuff is not a complete nutrient for hydroponics. It does contain some micro elements, but not all. Your plants will start out fine using this, but eventually they will suffer from deficiencies. In the long run it is not worth the cost savings over a real Hydroponic nutrient. The analogy would be something like buying a brand new corvette and then having the cheapest tires put on it and filling up with the cheapest Circle K gasoline. You will not even come close to getting the performance that is possible.